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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise.  Bladers/ Bicyclers (top) Dee T, (left back row) Bruce M, Bill S, Lech O, Rob H, Steve G, Giorgia J, Tommy M, (left front row) Diana S, Carol J and Jeff B came. Welcome all.  As forecast we were having some SSW breeze and were wondering if we should make some route changes.  We decided just to head out and see how much the wind bothered us.   We got rolling along pretty good and then tried to think about where to turn around at.  Welllll the breeze moved us along nicely and we finally decided to turn around at the Brooker Creek Preserve located about 2 miles East of East Lake Road.  This would give us about a 14 mile round trip.  Welllll ounce we got to Brooker Creek Preserve we just had to ride inside and see what was there.  We did and and found a nice almost empty parking lot, a nice boardwalk and many buildings of all sorts.  Thankfully they also had open bathrooms available all the time.  The main buildings didn't opened on Sundays until 11 AM so we didn't get to see the inside of any important buildings.  They did have posted about 20 events scheduled for March but most were for younger children.  Anyway Brooker Creek looked like it would be a good place to have a Sunday Blade/Bicycle from sometime.  We ended up doing a round trip of 17 miles.   Only 6 of our group of 11 did Brooker Creek.  The other 5 probably did a round trip of ~10 miles.  All were bicyclers today. 

We Brunched at Rodie's as planned.   The coffee flowed freely, the service was good and the food very good as usual.


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