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Taylor Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) John L, Yvonne, Rob H, Bill & Kathy H, Rob & Vivian H, Joel & Kim F, Roy H, Windy H, Monika R, Ken L, Ginnie S, Rick P, Dee T, (front row left) Bruce M, Carol J, Steve G, Lorraine L and Jeff B came. Welcome all. We had several choices of routes to take and after some discussion we chose to go North to Dunedin/Main St and back. This would be a 15 mile round trip which all probably would not do but anyone could turn back when ever they wanted. However 11 of the 21 above did do the full 15 miles. Our group of 21 had 7 bladers.
We Brunched at Breeze's beautiful Home as planned. Breeze had every thing organized and running smoothly at his home. As most of us having a Birthday would rather be getting a year younger than older we didn't celebrate our birthdays other than get our picture taken together. Brunch was wonderful and delicious. Looked to me Breeze had about 40 people there.



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