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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. In spite of the Weather Man's prediction, we had a beautiful ride with lots of sunshine. Bicyclers (from left) Steve G, Bruce M, Joel F, Kim F, Awilda E, Ginnie S and Rick P came. Welcome all. The only thing to determine for the Legacy Trail, is how many will go how far? Wellll we had a group go 16.2 miles, a group go 20.2 miles and a group go 23 miles. Because of the bad weather forecast, all 7 were bicyclers.

Willi decided to have us all go to her home for Brunch. Off we went to Willis house just North of the Trail. Willi cooked us eggs and had a variety of other delicious things to eat. All ate until stuffed. Thanks Willi for a great Brunch.


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We stopped at Rothenbach Park off of I-75 Exit 207 on our way home.
It was an interesting park with several paved trails.
We might try this park for a future Sunday Blade/Bicycle.

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