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Another Beautiful & Fun Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Ellen H,Dee T, Rob H, Lech O, Roy H, Steve G, Ginnie S, Rick P, (front left) Dennis H, Kim F, Joel F, Awilda E, Jeff B and Bruce M came. Welcome all. Our Blading/Biking path is mostly a winding route through Freedom Lake, Mainlands and some near by areas. Today Rob decided to add a new road to our complex path. Thanks Rob. Today we had 2 Bladers, 10 Bicyclers and 2 Cooks. The cooks stayed and cooked and the rest did a 11.5 mile fun filled round trip.

As always Ginnie and Rick prepared a delicious and plentiful Brunch. Our only problem was trying not to devour so much wonderful food that we wouldn't be able to walk. Not all made it into the swimming pool as a few couldn't move.
Thanks again Rick & Ginnie for a fun & delicious mourning.




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