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BC Millennium Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (from left) Jeff B, Ginnie S, Rick P, Lech O, Bruce M, Helen and Rob H (not in picture) came. Welcome all. We were supposed to have South winds up to 15 mph today so we decided to go to the Beach and head South into the wind so we could relax coming back. We had not gone South down Gulf Blvd in a long time and were not sure what to expect. Fortunately we had a good ride with no surprises but for the Motor Cycle Parade. The Motor Cycle Parade was several miles long and we fortunately realized if we didn't get back to Park Blvd before the motor cycles all got onto Gulf Blvd we probably would have about a 30 minute wait. Our picture is about 5 blocks South of Park Blvd so we made it in time for no wait.

We Brunched at Doe Does as usual for this Blade/Bicycle. We got in fairly quickly and seated at two close by tables. The service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food good as always. We decided the best place for the group Brunch picture was in front of the Doe Does sign on the wall by the cash register.



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