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Walter Fuller Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (from left) Bruce M, John L, Lech O, Rob H, Jeff B and Steve G came. Welcome all. Today we had all guys and all Bicyclers. We decided we would do the Gulfport spur while we were headed to the 34th St Bridge and back. Wellllllll, when we got to Gulfport we were having such a good time we just roamed around the water, checked out the restaurants and headed over to the Marina. While we were at the Marina we saw this "Bicycle Trail" sign. We headed that way and kept following the Bicycle Trail signs. To our pleasant surprise we ended up at the Skyway Access Trail. We then just followed the Skyway Access Trail to the Pinellas trail and back to Walter Fuller Park. What a grand discovery. We ended up doing 16 fun filled miles.



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