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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. There was no wind and the temperature was pretty nice. We decided to do our regular route but when we got to the South end of the trail and after we took the group picture, we decided to take a side trail off into the nearby neighborhood. It had pretty nice homes and we took a couple of turns and sort of felt lost. No problem, Robb took the lead and led us right out and back to the Trail. We headed North and half of us kept going to the North Trail end. Yes the Old North end was still the North paved Trail end. Half of us did 16.6 miles, We had 6 Bicyclers.

We headed out for Brunch on Hillsborough Ave but were not sure where we were going. Jeff spotted a open Restaurant called the Ranch House Restaurant and pulled in. It looked pretty good and we went in. Wellll, we had to wait out side for about 10 minutes and then got called back in and seated at one table. They seemed a little slow but the food was very good.




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