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Bay Pines Plaza

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Wellllllll, the weather man on Saturday night told us it would be raining at 9 AM on Sunday. However on Sunday morning at 9 AM the rain was over. We had decided to meet at Doe Does at 9 AM and eat Breakfast and then determine to Bicycle or not. Breakfast at Doe Does was great and we had 8 people come. However only 4 people brought Bicycles. So after our delicious Breakfast, only 4 of us went Bicycling from Bay Pines Plaza located just West of Doe Does. As you can see in the picture on the Bridge over Seminole Blvd, the Trail was basically dry. We Bicycled North on the Trail to the City of Seminole Park and then took 74th Ave West to ~ 140th St and back for a 10.2 mile round trip. We had a grand tine doing almost all smooth trails and 2 of us cheated and went around most of the Big Bridges over Seminole Blvd and 113th St. We must do this route again sometime.




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