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Pink Streets

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. We did have nice weather with no threat of rain. We discussed on which way to do the Pink Streets. We decided to go over to the Pink Streets via mostly 68th Ave, do the Pink Streets and come back via mostly 62nd Ave. This worked out just fine. While in the Pink Streets we stopped by to say hello to Brian & Linda Sheets at their home. However only Brian was up but he came out and talked with us. We had 7 Bicyclers and did 10.3 miles.

We Brunched at Skyway Jacks. We got right in and the 6 of us got seated at the same table. The service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food was very good as usual. What we really liked was that Skyway Jacks food was as very good and plentiful as always. Most of our other restaurants have cut back on the amount and quality of their food.





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