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Wall Springs

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Yes, it was nice and cool with a little NE Breeze. The streets were a little wet from the earlier rain but not that bad. We decided to do our regular Pass-a-Grille route and did it having a very nice bicycle ride. We had 9 bicyclers and did 8.9 miles.

When we were getting ready to go to Brunch, John L. pleasantly surprised us by inviting us all to Brunch with him at the Pass-a-Grille SPYC. It was located not to far from where we parked and so we added 2.4 more miles to our 8.9 miles to make the total to 11.3 miles bicycling including the bicycling to Brunch & back. We got right in at the SPYC and seated on the porch. The facilities were very nice and the service very good. The food was all available on tables in an adjourning room. We couldn't help ourselves and gobbled up way too much of the tasty servings. Thanks John for a delicious & free Brunch.





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