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Long Center

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise.
Wellllll it was a nice day but something big was going on at the Long Center and we couldn't park where we usually do. Our group picture at the Long Center was ugly at best so I'm also sending our nice picture from our Sunset Grill Brunch. We also decided to do the Duke Energy Trail instead of the Ream Wilson Trail. This has us go North and South along the Power Lines instead of going East and West on the Ream Wilson Trail. We took the Duke Energy Trail to the Bridge over Hwy 19 and Enterprise Road. The trail goes on but the precautions to cross the busy roads are still not available. We therefore turned around and took the Trail back South to a little past Drew St. This gave us a nice round trip of 10 miles.

We brunched at the Sunset Grill as usual. We had a little wait to get in while they got our table group of 14 seats ready. We all got in and seated at the big table set up for us. The service was good, but slow. The coffee flowed pretty good and the food very good as usual.




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