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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Wellllllll, it was to be cold, windy and about to rain. Therefore we decided to meet for breakfast at Doe Does at 9:00 AM. Jeff and Bruce came first and reserved a table for 8. By about 9:30 AM we had accumulated at Table of 6 people (Glennis, Rob, Jeff, Bruce, Kim & Tom). It was a pleasure of seeing Glennis, Kim & Tom again. It had been quite awhile since they had come to a Bicycle and Blade. Welcome!!!!!

Our nice little group had a good time talking and eating. Doe Does was very good at putting up with us until everyone arrived. However I thought the food was not up to Doe Does usual quality. I got a slice of ham and it was only about one eighth of an inch thick. Sort of like trying to eat a piece of card board. However we all had a good time talking and enjoying seeing everyone.





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