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Long Center

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise, We had the choice of 3 routes to take from the Long Center; The East-West Trail to Bayshore Blvd, The Duke Energy Trail South and the Duke Energy Trail North. The Duke Energy Trail North won. Off we went on the Duke Energy Trail North. It was a beautiful day with very little breeze. There were very few other people on the trail so we felt wonderfully free to do what ever we wanted to. We just headed North and felt like we owned the Trail and just rolled along. Jeff led us and we did 6+ miles North. The Trail the whole way was about 8 ft wide and smooth asphalt or concrete. I think we all wanted to keep going North but were concerned we might have to pull someone back if we did. Anyway we did about a 12.6 mile round trip and had a grand time.

We decided to Brunch at the Sunset Grill as always. We got right in and the 9 of us seated at two tables, The service was perfect and the food great as always. A good ending to a wonderful day.





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