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Pink Streets

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Yes, we had a so so forecast but it turned out to be a very lovely day. We had a nice turn out of 9 bicyclers and 1 blader, Kim. Our route was pretty close to what we usually do in the Pink Streets. We came out of Maximo Park and took the back streets over to the Pink Streets. We traveled from the West side of the Pink Streets to the East side, checked out Demens Landing, went North through the housing area and came back to Maximo Park along 66rd Avenue to Maximo Park. This gave us a round trip distance of 11.6 miles.
We Brunched at Skyway Jack's as usual. We got all seated at two tables after about a 10 minute wait. The service was pretty good, the coffee flowed okay and the food was very good as always. Or server also was also taking care of the new people arriving so her waiting on us was just okay.




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