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Long Center

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. It really was a Beautiful Day and one only had to have just a tee shirt on to be comfortable. We had a good turn out with two new people attending: Greg Basheda and Ray Klaver. Welcome guys. Since there was just a small breeze blowing, we decided to take the trail to Safety Harbor and back. We had 9 Bicyclers and did a round trip of 10.7 miles.
We tried to Brunch at our regular restaurant, the Sunset grill. However their parking lot was packed and we decided to go to Benedicts instead. Benedicts was also very busy but their parking lot was nice and big and we had plenty of room to park. We had to wait about 20 minutes to get seated at two tables. The service was very good, the coffee flowed wonderfully and the food was excellent. We may have to switch to this Benedicts when doing the Long Center.




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