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Ft. Desoto - Terra Verde

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise.  Yes it was a very nice day; warm and very little breeze.  We had a good group of 13 Bicyclers come today and we did 10.8 miles.   We decided to go North from the Terri-Verde Ball Field after we did the housing development just South of the Ball Field.  We didn't plan on it but we did skip doing Paradise Key.  John L. guided us mostly through the main island of Terra Verde.  I did get the group to stop and say hello to Machelle who lives on Terra Verde.  Michelle and her group were glad to see us.
I made an attempt to get the group to Brunch at the Frog Pond restaurant on Gulf Blvd instead of brunching at Skidders as we usually do.  Fortunately the group ignored my attempt and we ate at Skidders as we usually do.  We had 10 people for brunch and I believe Skidders was the only place of the two that would seat all 10 of us at the same table.  Our service and food at Skidders were very good.





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