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Brooker Creek

Another Beautiful Sunday in  Paradise.  Yes, it was slightly cool and we had a little breeze out of the South but we had a nice group of 11 Bicyclers.  Rick also came and couldn't bicycle so he took the group picture.  I had forgotten how smooth and wide the Brooker Creek Trail was.  It is a wonderful trail to cruse on.  Yes we had a few that loved the trail so much they just got out ahead a little.  We all did a 12.6 mile round trip.
We had a little problem today as Tarpon Springs was having an Art Show.  Herb informed us that Tarpon Springs would be pretty crowed around where we usually ate at Rodies.  Rob spoke out and suggested we eat at Clear Sky Club Haus.  Okay Rob we will and we did.   It is located at 6355 Eagle Lake Rd. which is on most of our ways home.  The 12 of us got in pretty quickly and seated at a big table set up for us.  We got seated, served and ate within about an hour.  The coffee flowed nicely, the service was good and the food very good and at a reasonable price.  Clear Sky Club Haus is now on our Good Restaurant list.  Thanks Rob.






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