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Curlew & the Trail

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Yes, it was a very nice day but with a little breeze from the North. We discussed whether to go North or South. Today people had the Hammock Park in their thoughts and therefore we headed South to check out the Hammock Park. The Hammock Park was nice but the trails were mostly hard packed dirt. This was only so-so and not that much fun to bicycle on. After a short time, we headed back to the Pinellas Trail and headed South to Dunedin on the Trail. We headed through Dunedin and South a few miles to the Dunedin Market, then North along the water to Weaver Park and then back onto the Pinellas Trail and headed North towards Curlew Road. We did a round trip of 10.6 miles.

We Brunched at Benedicts as usual. We got in and seated at a table in a short time. We only had 5 of us for Brunch so we all got to sit together. The food and service were very good, and we enjoyed a very social brunch.





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