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12th Ave NE

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Yes, we had a very nice day with a good group. We had to decide whether to do Snell Island or the Pinellas trail. John L. said he would lead us on the Pinellas Trail down 3rd St. so we said okay John. John took us North on the Pinellas Trail all the way North where it had a side trail off to Weeden's Island. We took a short run on the side trail until we did 6 miles. We decided then to turn around at this point. We therefore ended up doing 12 miles. Thanks, John, for a guiding us on a fun trip.

We discussed several restaurants for Brunch. John again convinced most of us to go to the Spring Garden restaurant. It's nice restaurant on 62nd Ave just a little North of 9th St. They were very busy so brunch took a while, but the food was very good. Thanks John L.





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