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Chuck's Birthday

Debbie out did herself planning Chuck's surprise Birthday Party. There was enough delicious food to be able to be picky about which delight one piled onto their plate. Time for Wine was there with a table full of great wine. There were ice chests full of beer, pop and purified water. The Tin Pan Alley band was playing up a storm. There was a contest for everyone to enter by just answering a few questions. If anyone didn't feel like they had gone to heaven, there was no hope for them. Around 40 or so blader/bicyclers attended along with about 30 plus other friends. Chuck entertained all by opening and sharing his many real and gag presents. Thanks Debbie and Chuck for another fun filled evening at the Lions Club. Oh yes and HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY Chuck.

From Debbie:
Hi everyone, I want to thank everyone that came out for Chuck’s party, even though the little rat knew about it. He said I had some "security breeches" and that he had known for 3 months. Then he had the nerve to tell me he just wanted to "string me along!" I had the last laugh though, because we kept him waiting at the restaurant for 40 minutes because the person I sent to fetch him, didn't think to look for him in the bar. Obviously, someone that doesn't know Chuck very well. The security breech did not come from any of the skaters, you guys are very good at keeping secrets! I think everyone had a good time and my 83 year old father enjoyed "all the hot babes!" He may be old, but he is not dead! Thanks for the successful party. Debbie


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