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Tom & Linda's Bike to Dinner

Tom & Linda picked a perfect evening for a bike ride to the beach, have dinner and bike back. We had a little breeze out of the West and the temperature was in the low 80's. There were a few rain clouds but Tom requested it not to rain and so it didn't. Just to make the bike route a little safer Tom had modified the bike route so there was never a question of safety. We just had to exercise a little caution crossing some of the busy streets. It took about an hour to bike the 7.5 miles out to Sloppy Joe's, an hour to eat and an hour to bike the 7.5 miles back. Sloppy Joe's wasn't busy so we had our choice of eating outside or inside. We chose inside. There were a lot of good choices of food to consume and all had a delicious and relaxing dinner. To make the evening even more memorable Tom bought the first round of drinks. Thanks Tom and Linda for a very enjoyable and social evening. When's the next Bike to Dinner?


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