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Withalacoochee State Trail, Andrea's lakehouse

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. This was truly a perfect day for blading. The sky was overcast, just a slight hint of a NE wind and an adventurous blading/biking group. It's hard to believe but everyone got there no later than 9:30 AM. We headed North towards Inverness by 9:38 AM. Inverness and back was 14 miles per Dee & Roy. Some people didn't go into Inverness as far as other but did the Cooper State Park instead. We had 6 people on bicycles. Barbara L (Herb's friend) and Stewart W (Andrea's husband) joined us for the first time. Welcome!!! Absentee bladers Willi and Joe came. Welcome back!!!!

We Brunched/Lunched at the Shamrock as planned. They weren't that busy but we arrived in groups that ended up with 3 tables. Their service was pretty good but their food was great. Janice rated her lunch a 9.5 and Dee his a 9. After lunch almost all headed to Andrea's and Stewart's lake house for a wonderful afternoon of socializing and water skiing.

All relaxed on Andrea's and Stewart's large covered dock extending far out into the lake. There were comfortable lounge chairs for all on the dock. A delightful cool breeze blew, beer & drinks & snacks were plentiful and it was like being in paradise. Naturally a few had to show their youthful spirits by water skiing. Peter and Bruce did some respectable skiing but Andrea showed us how it was supposed to be done. Vivian and friend came to the dock lake side party. Welcome Vivian and friend.
Andrea, Stewart, Jeff, Bruce, Herb and Barbara L. came up Saturday and slaved away getting everything ready for Sundays skate and party. Thanks guys and gals. A special thanks goes out to Andrea and Stewart for the use of there lake side home and hospitality. A fantastic weekend.

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