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 In memory of a dear friend & Sunday Blader
 Kevin Goodson
1957 to 2004

It is with deep regret that I have to tell all of you of the passing of a dear dear skate friend. Kevin Goodson passed away this morning, Sunday, February 29, while doing one of the many things he loved best, biking.

For those of you that may need a reminder, Kevin and Suzanne were inseparable for over 3 years. Kevin was an avid skater (including his new found love of speed skating), biking and running. He was also a karaoke performer with an incredible voice and talent.

He and 4 others skate friends decided to go to San Antonio, Florida to skate “the hills”. A lot of skaters and bicyclists go up there to train for marathons, A2A, etc. The other bikers had seen that Kevin had fallen off of his bike, and began to turn around to assist him. There were 2 other bicyclists behind Kevin that had also seen him fall and also came to his assistance. Little did they all know that these 2 other bikers were in the medical field and began CPR on Kevin. The one, being a doctor, continued CPR for 15 minutes until the ambulance came and took Kevin to the hospital in Dade City.

I don’t know for sure if Kevin died at the scene, or at the hospital, but the cause of death was of a massive coronary.  Not many of you knew, that when Kevin was a baby, he had 2 open-heart surgeries.  Our fellow skate friends were with Kevin the whole time, holding his hands and expressing their love for him. I don’t believe Kevin regained any consciousness, but we all hope that Kevin heard their words.

To say the least, Suzanne is devastated. I know all of our love goes out to her also. She will keep me abreast of any details as I will pass them along to all of you.

I am not al all good about writing such things as this, so please forgive me for anything I may have left out. Kevin was dear to me also, and this all just seems like a terrible terrible bad nightmare.  I will do my best to keep you all informed.



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