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TBSS Bicycle Pub Crawl

Terry B and Brenda G put on an awesome Bicycle Pub Crawl on Saturday May 1. A brave group of Bicyclers pounced on four Pubs between Redington Shores and Indian Rocks Beach. We hit the Friendly Tavern, Mahuffer's, JD's and Jimmy Guana's. Mahuffer's took the prize for the most unusual pub with money, panties and bra's hanging from everything. The group assembled around noon and didn't give up until around 7 PM. Time seemed to stand still with all that was going on. Terry kept pouring some delicious drink in little cups and passing them out to everyone. We had 14 roller bladers go along with the group but on bicycles naturally. There were bicycle lanes for most of Gulf Blvd that we traversed. Beer prices ranged between $1 and $3 a glass as I recall. We took advantage of the pools at Jimmy Guana's (Holiday Inn) and at the Gulf Mariner Beach Condos. Mapquest gave the distance from the Condos (starting place) to Jimmy Guana's (the last pub) as 4.62 miles. With the South wind, going North it seemed only a few blocks from the Condos to Jimmy Guana's. On the return, the true mileage of 4.62 miles became evident. They had a pick up truck ready to save anyone that gave out but I don't think anyone did. Thanks again to Terry and Brenda for a great, bicycling, swimming, socializing and drinking Saturday.


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