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What is The Sunday Blade?
Sunday morning in-line skating activity for exercise and fun around the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Who are the Sunday Bladers?
The Sunday Bladers are a group of people having a fun time exercising and socializing at the same time. All blades are followed by having brunch at restaurants we have found to have excellent food. Ages of the group run from the 30s to the 60s. Gender of the group is about 50% women and 50% men. Singles and married people are about even. About a third of the married people are couples blading together. Visit our Sponsors page to take a look at our most frequent bladers and active supporters.

Who can Blade with the Sunday Bladers?
Sunday Blades are open to any intermediate blader over 21. There are no required dues to blade with us. New bladers may just show up and blade with us. No one needs to be notified first. Come join us, we love to meet new bladers.

Do the Sunday Bladers send out email?
The Sunday Bladers have an email list. BCC email is sent out as a reminder of the next blade and about special events. Each week a BCC email is sent out with the group picture, info about the skate and a critique of the restaurant we Brunched at. The email list is not available to anyone except the person in charge of sending out the emails. To be on the email list a person must become a Sponsor. (See What are the dues to become a Sunday Blader? below).

What if I get lost going to the Blading Location?
Call Bruce’s cell phone at 727-418-6563 or Jeff’s cell phone at 727-776-4561 and ask for help.

Where do the Sunday Bladers Blade?
Blades start at over 25 different locations from the Legacy Trail to Starkey Wilderness Park. However, most blade starting locations are within 30 to 45 minutes of St. Petersburg and encompass Pinellas Point, Tampa and Tarpon Springs. A large percentage of the blades are on trails designated for blading and biking. Check the website schedule for the near term blading locations. Check the website Photo Archive page for photos of the blading groups, blading locations and brunch activities by the week for the last year.

What time are the blades and other activities?
In the warmer months (June to Oct.), the group meets at 8 AM and rolls out at 8:30 AM. This is due to the intense summer heat. Other months (Nov. to May) the group meets at 8:30 AM and rolls out at 9 AM. Brunch follows immediately after the blade which is usually 1½ hours after the start of the blade. Pool parties and other events start immediately following Brunch.

How far are the typical blades?
The normal blading distance in the warmer months (June through Oct.) is 8-12 miles. In the cooler months the blading distance goes up to 10-20 miles.

How fast are the blades?
Typically the bladers end up in three groups. There is a social group that blades at a nice easy pace (~ 8 mph). The majority of the bladers go faster (10-12 mph) and a few speedy bladers go faster. All start at the blade beginning location and return to the beginning location. Some turn around sooner than others.

What safety equipment is required?
Blading is a dangerous activity. It is not a matter if you are going to fall. It is how many times you fall and how hard you fall. Wrist guards, knee pads, helmets and elbow pads are highly recommended. Even though the safety equipment is highly recommended, it is not mandatory to be worn on the blades. Basic blader safety is the responsibility of each blader.

What blading skill level is needed?
An intermediate level or better. This means a blader needs to be able to make a controlled stop, go over curbs while blading, negotiate turns, go over the Pinellas Trail road overpasses and be able to blade about 8 mph for 5 miles.

Where can a person learn to be an intermediate level blader?
Our group has a Certified Inline Skate Instructor, WilliGirl. Go to for information about the skating instructions and how to contact WilliGirl. There is a 7 PM Monday Night blade where several bladers will give blading helpful hints.

What are the dues to become a Sunday Blader?
There are no dues to join a Sunday Blade. Any intermediate blader can blade at any time with the Sunday Bladers. We welcome all intermediate or better bladers. If a blader decides to blade with us regularly, we encourage them to become a Sponsor. Sponsors get their picture and caption posted on the website Sponsors page for a minimal $10 a year. This helps us to keep up this website and adds the person to the Sunday Blade email list. However, being a Sponsor is not required regardless of how often or regularly someone attends a Sunday Blade.

Are bicyclists welcome to blade with the Sunday Bladers?
Often bicyclists go on a Sunday Blade. Serious bicyclists may find the blade rather slow. Someone biking to get a little exercise usually has fun and enjoys the social event.

What other fun events do the Sunday Bladers have or participate in?
There are picnics, pool parties and brunches at various locations, including blader’s homes. There are also several blading groups that sponsor weekend blades. Major Florida events are held in Miami and Disney that many Sunday Bladers attend. New York, Philly, Boston, Atlanta, California and other weekend blades also are enjoyed by many Sunday Bladers.


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