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Sunday Morning Skating/Bicycling

Here's a MAP of all the Sunday Skate Locations.

The Sunday Morning Skating/bicycling takes place every Sunday Morning weather permitting. Sunday Morning is not for beginners. The Sunday morning pace is fairly fast but the group usually breaks up into three groups: a fast group, a medium speed group and a slower group. The slower group is still too fast for beginner skaters. The Sunday morning skate meets at 21 different locations mainly in Pinellas County but there is one skate in Pasco County and one skate in Hillsborough County. At one time we had skating/bicycling much further away but the cost of gas has made them not very popular. Distances of the skating/bicycling ranges from 10 to 20 miles. Most skating/bicycling distances are from 10 to 15 miles. Availability of restrooms and rest stops vary with each location. However most of the skating/bicycling locations have restrooms at the meeting place. More information is available on the FAQ page. We also have maps of some of the skating/bicycling locations and routes and a full map showing the locations and a list of the locations.
We recommend skaters wear blading safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads and wrist guards. Bicyclers should wear helmets. However, safety is everyone’s personal responsibility.
The Meeting Place and roll out time for each Sunday is given on the Schedule page. The next month or so of the locations are listed and directions to the locations are given. A reminder of the next Sunday location and other important information is sent out each Wednesday to those on the email list. After skating with the group a couple of times and one desires to be on the email list, contact Bruce at
Roll out times
are basically at 8:30 AM from May through October and at 9 AM November through April. Check the Schedule page to be sure. We Roll Out promptly at the Roll Out time. It is therefore a good idea to arrive at the meeting location 15 to 30 minutes prior to the Roll Out time.
Following the skating/bicycling we go to a predetermined restaurant for Brunch. We grade the Brunches and service so we only go to the most economical restaurant with the finest food.
There are no costs or dues.
Everyone over 21 or with someone over 21 is welcome to join us. Come on out, exercise, enjoy and meet some new friends.


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