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Chris & Theresa's 2015 Skate & Bicycle Party

Chris & Theresa did it again with another great Skate and Bicycle party. The evening was a little cool but that didn’t hold us back from being outside skating, bicycling and partying. The band was entertaining as always. The food was wonderfully good and anyone that didn’t eat too much had to be on a hard core diet. There were all kinds of good drinks available. One still has to marvel at their beautiful and spacious home. Sure am glad I don’t have to take care of it though. I believe the skater/bicycler turn out was better than ever as I counted 45 in the collage and over 50 in the skating/bicycling group picture. Thanks again Chris & Theresa for another wonderful and fun filled evening. Thanks also to Gustavo as I borrowed a couple of his pictures for the Collage.
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