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Monday Night Formal Skate 2017 (for 2016)

Another Beautiful Monday Night Formal Skate. The weather cooperated by supplying a lovely evening and the Tennis players cooperated by letting us take our group picture in the middle of the well lighted tennis courts. To be safe this night we took the group picture with 4 cameras. We took basically our normal bay route to 2nd Ave and then headed over to 1st Ave and out to 11 St to Mercado's. I was concerned it would take a long time for all of us to place our orders and get them but it seemed like it only took 15 to 20 minutes. The food was good and all seem to enjoy it. Mercado's never said a peep about all the roller bladers blading around in the restaurant. Thanks Ken and Pam for selecting Mercado's. Dennis counted 31 people and the group picture has 31 people. After feasting, some went on to Fergs and some headed back. Another successful Monday Night Formal Skate.

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