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Alan & Catherine's House Party

I think Alan has been working on his house since I've known him. Today Alan and Catherine celebrated finally completing their renovations. If you believe they are really finished, I'll sell you the Skyway Bridge for a good price. However one must admit, Alan and Catherine have renovated every room and added on dramatically to their home. It looks really nice and brand new. How many people do you know that have an air conditioned attic with all the storage boxes in it color coded for special occasions. Living pretty high on the hog I'd say. People brought lots of good food and Alan and Catherine bar-b-q'd food on two grills. Lots of liquid flowed and all had smiling faces as indicated by the collage. A really nice and social event. Thanks Alan and Catherine for a wonderful time.

Alan's 40th Birthday    Alan & Catherine Tie The Knot !!

Alan & Catherine's House Party


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