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Christine & Rogers Super Bowl Party 2010

Christine and Roger had another fantastic Super Bowl Party. They had TV's and Projection Screen TV's everywhere. Well.... I didn't see one in the bathroom. The one in the back yard was GIGANTIC. You were right in with the action. You could almost intercept a pass. The fire pit was putting out plenty of heat and it needed to as the evening started off at 50 degrees and got down to 43 degrees by the end of the game. Long under wear was almost needed to sit outside in the back yard. I ask Christine where her snake was that roamed her house and she indicated it had gone on vacation. Oh well. Christine's kitchen was packed with delicious food everywhere. Even after devouring a big plate of food you just had to grab something else while passing through the kitchen. Yes, and they had that giant cooler full of beer and drinks out in the back yard. The football game just got better every quarter and you couldn't tell who was going to win until the game was over. I left the picture of Ken L out of the Collage as he just had major sinus surgery and didn't look his best. Thanks Christine and Roger for another wonderful Super Bowl Party..

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