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Christine & Rogers Super Bowl Party 09

Well.................. Christine & Roger had a fantastic Super Bowl Party as always. Big TV screens every where. The one in their back yard was gigantic and made you feel like you were on the football field ready to catch one those passes. Fortunately this year it was not that cold outside and you could sit very close to the big-big cooler with all the beer in it. I forgot how unique their backyard was with the tree house, fire pit and exotic flowers. Besides having enough beer to take care of 200 people or more, the delicious food was plentiful and everywhere. My diet took a terrible hit. Christine gave us a tour of their front yard vegetable garden. How many people do you know with a vegetable garden in their front yard? Christine had found her snake this year and if you liked, you could wear it around you neck (see Christine & snake in Collage). I passed but many did not. We got to have some Birthday Cake. Roger and Laura had birthdays. Happy Birthday Roger and Laura. This year the fourth quarter made you sit on the front of your seat or just stand up with excitement. It was memorizing down to the last second.

During the evening I saw these bright flashes and wonder what they could be. Kathy held up her hand and on her finger was this big diamond. I didn't know before I took their picture or I would gotten a picture of it. Congratulations to Alan and Kathy on their engagement.

If you weren't there, you missed a great Super Bowl Party. Thanks again Christine and Roger.

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