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2014 Pinellas Trail Skate

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The 2014 Pinellas Trail Charity Event was an awesome weekend. We had 48 persons registered. The trail was quite rough in some areas. Everyone was so elated to have met the challenge, because it was rough in some areas. There was a detour that added an extra two miles but it was scenic and easy road skating. We do not do sidewalks. ;)

Thursday was the usual skate and a few out of town skaters joined the group skate.

Friday we did the Courtney Causeway that is a nice, not too steep, but long overpass. We loved it.

At Bill Jacksons’ we reviewed our detour plans. The food was good with everyone bringing something special. Thank you Bill Jacksons and staff.

Saturday the bus was delayed which gave us more time to get to know each other. The bus was full and we had bikes inside the bus isle. It was a magnificent day with perfect weather. At Fergs' pub, we gave away $435.00 to The Friends Of Strays Organization! As usual, it was a fun weekend.

The people that made this all possible are:

Anne Turner, Awilda Epp, Bill Macfarlane, Bobby Estes, Bruce Myers, Bryan Herrick, Carol Johnson, DAN Cannistra , Dee Turner, Donald Hoffman, Elena White, Frank Holland, Gene Cook , Gustavo Hidalgo, Iara Bonatto, Janice Hajek, Jeffrey Bigham, Jeremy Tilidetzke, Jim Fetters , Joe Wagner, John Couch, John Jerome, Katie Colston, Kevin McGrory, Kim Freedman , Laura Perry, Lauren Saslow, LINDA Cannistra, Linda MacFarlane, Linda Nelson, Lucy Colston, Ken Leyse , Mike Ebert, Nancy layer, Nancy Messineo , RALUCA Moucha, Rick TheBreeze, ROGER TOWNSEND, Ronny Tarr, Stephanie Buryanek, Steve Gorman, Terri Stripling, Wendy Hess, Wilma Fetters

See you next year 2015!


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