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Bruce's 2014 Xmas Eve Open House

Another Beautiful Xmas Eve in Paradise.
Our 47th Xmas Eve Open House. We had a large group of people pass through our open doors. Most were roller bladers and bicyclers. However many friends from many years came and enjoyed our Open House. The weather was a little rainy but fairly warm so it did not scare away many of our brave and faithful friends. All our doors (even the garage door) were wide open for every one to come to our joyous and social evening. As usual everyone brought wonderful and delicious foods to devour and drink.  It was a difficult but a delicious evening trying to consume all the mixtures of extravagant foods people brought for all to enjoy. Thanks to Kadi for her hard work keeping the food organized and available to all. Thanks to Diane Lowke for taking lots of pictures and sending them to me. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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