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Bruce's Xmas Eve Open House

2013 – Another Beautiful Xmas Eve in Paradise. Our 46th Xmas Eve Open House. As in the last few years the rollerbladers/bicyclers dominated the evening with 78 out of the 106 people attending. However we had several long lost friends attend and it makes one almost cry to see their smiling faces again. Welcome back all!!! The weather almost cooperated as we had the front door wide open for all to come in. However it did get down to 55 degrees by the later hours but many enjoyed the out doors anyway. People brought lots of wonderfully delicious food for all to enjoy. Thanks so much you all. As always Kyle and Kadi did all the food prep and serving. Thanks girls, it wouldn’t be such a fantastic event without your dedicated help. Unbelievably Chuck and CW ended up the evening with me and insisted on helping me clean up and put food away. Come on now, guys don’t usually do that stuff but they insisted and made me clean up and put all the food appropriately away. Thanks guys. I must also pause and pay tribute to my very much missed but deceased wife Darlene, who started our Xmas Eve Parties. Thanks dear, your wonderful Xmas Eve Parties will continue forever in your honor. I promise!!!

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