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Bruce & Darlene's Christmas Party 2009

This 42nd Christmas Eve Party! We had 105 people of which 71 were rollerbladers pass through our doors on Xmas Eve. I have to say "ours" as Darlene's Spirit will always be with us as our home was her creation. Michael E. and Pat O. took some pictures which helped a lot for the Collage. Thanks Michael and Pat. Magic Mike joined us to play some music for us and was accompanied by a man on a Trumpet. Have no idea who he was. Thanks for the music guys. Kyle, Mary Beth and Kadie kept care of everything at the party. Marsha and Michael stayed late to help clean up. Thanks to everyone for all the help. I just wondered around and took pictures during the party. I love you and need you all as we only have another 20 years or so of Xmas Eve Parties to put on. Happy Holidays to all. May 2010 be the very best ever for you.

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