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Halloween Costume Party 2022!!

It's been a while since someone has had a Halloween Party. Welllllll Ken & Shannon had one on Saturday 10-29-22 and it was fun-fun party. They had the party at Shannon's Shenanigan's Irish Pub on Rosevelt Blvd in Clearwater. It's a little hard to find the Pub in the daytime but it's lite up at night and easy to find. The Halloween party officially started at 8 PM and kept going until about 3 AM. I couldn't stay that late as we had a Bicycle & Blade starting at 9:00 AM at B. C. Millennium Park at 9:00 AM Sunday. Anyway, I got to Shannon's around 7:30 PM and had a fun time until about 10 PM. Shannon basically had the party behind her Pub in a very nice set up under 3 or 4 tents. She had the Rockin Racoons for her band. We have had them many times in the past. Anyway, we had a fun-fun time partying, eating, drinking, dancing and socializing. There were so may old friends there that I had not seen in a long time, I wished I could have stayed much longer. Naturally Shannon had a costume contest. Ken L. took second place. I had worn the same Pirate Costume for the last 10 years, so I didn't stay for the contest. Anyway, it was wonderful to go to a Halloween & Costume party again. Thanks Ken & Shannon.

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