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Christine & Roger's Super Bowl Party

Christine & Roger had another fantastic Super Bowl Party. Somehow they even got the weather to cooperate. You could sit outside in a tea shirt and watch the giant projection TV screen. A projection TV screen was also available inside. You could also lounge in style and watch the game from the Game Room. The foot ball game kept you in suspense as to who was going to win all the way up to the last seconds when the Patriots threw there last desperate pass. The Giants won again. If you were on a diet, this was not the place to be. There was a big table covered with all kinds of delicious food. It didn't help either with a huge ice chest full of beer awaiting your selection. You could also pretend you were an artist and do your own creation on a big canvas. A sweet kittie cat was rooming around you could play with but I missed the big snake as it is now history. Thanks again Christine and Roger for a wonderful, social and entertaining evening.

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