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Chuck & Debbie's 4th of July Party and Kayaking

to the Fireworks - 2013


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Chuck and Debbie had another Fantastic 4th of July Party and Kayaking to the Fireworks. Believe there were about 80 people in the Group picture with a few more missing. There were about 40 Roller Blader/Bicyclers in the Group Picture. As usual the food was plentiful and delicious. Chuck and Debbie and helpers worked like dogs (sorry about that dogs) keeping everything going smoothly. There did seem to be about 4 to 6 dogs romping around the house and screen enclosure having a wonderful time and playing with everyone. Charles and his violinist played us beautiful music for most of the party. Again as usual Dennis and Chuck and Greg trailer'd kayaks to the boat ramp and helped everyone get into their kayaks and under way. Amazingly with the ugly clouds overhead and the threatening of rain about 45 kayaker's kayaked out for the evening. We all got together in a big group out at the planned area near the Pier but the weather got uglier and uglier and for safety's sake, Chuck headed us into shore where the lighting probability was less. Fortunately the weather got better and we headed out into the bay again. The Fireworks were fantastic. Better than I remembered from before. As it was about 9:30 PM when we headed back to the boat ramp in total darkness, it was a little challenging knowing exactly where one was while kayaking but all seemed to get back with only being a little wetter than in the beginning. Thanks again Chuck and Debbie and helpers for another fun filled and social 4th of July.


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