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Debbie and Chuck’s 4th of July Party

and Fireworks Paddle 2009


Chuck had to order the Bermuda High out of the way so we would have sunny weather on the 4th. Good job again Chuck. We also got to enjoy Chuck and Debbie’s renovated kitchen and dinning room. They look great Debbie. As usual there was a mountainous supply of food and drinks. Everything was very delicious as always. Some how this year we worked a lot on the slush’s. I think they were frozen Strawberry Margaritas and frozen Mango and Rum. Yum… Yum. Again I counted over 70 people in the group picture. The kayaking was adventurous and the fireworks were fantastic. Someone said there were 41 kayaks. CW was brave and took his camera out on his kayak, so we have a kayak collage this year. Thanks again Chuck and Debbie for a wonderful and joyous 4th of July! Thanks to Dennis for helping with hauling the kayaks. Thanks to Jeff for bringing his pontoon boat.

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