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to the Fireworks - 2015


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Chuck and Debbie did it again with a wild and memorable 4th of July Cookout and Kayaking to the Fireworks. We managed to get about 80 people poised for the group picture. Unfortunately you couldn’t see quite a few. Lots more were getting ready to go kayaking and busy with other things. I counted 40 plus bladers/bicyclers in the Collage. As always there was a mountainous supply of wonderful and delicious food. It became a challenge to find where to put something new on the tables. Chuck had Rob G. helping him cook and it seemed they just kept and endless supply of grilled food coming in. Besides Beer on Tap and bottles of almost everything to drink, Chuck made his usual two slushy drinks on tap. I think they were Strawberry Margaritas and Mango Rum but no matter, a glass of either just seemed to deliciously disappear.

Input from Diane L: Chuck as normal did an awesome job of getting the kayaks launched. Arriving near the back of the group of kayaks we noticed the storm rolling in. It got really windy and everyone pulled in on the beach to wait out the weather. As the lightning seemed to be getting closer and it looked like it was going to rain, we moved up to the bathrooms to get under cover. Once it started to clear and after we thought the fireworks had been cancelled we started heading back. Then to our joyous surprise we started hearing booms behind us. People grouped together with the kayaks that they were near and watched the fire works. I think everyone had a fun and eventful time even though the weather was a little challenging.

Thanks to Gustavo for his pictures and Diane for her kayaking pictures and write up. Thanks again to Chuck and Debbie for all their preparation and hard work once again.


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