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Debbie & Chuck's 4th of July Party & Kayaking

to the Fireworks - 2014


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Debbie and Chuck did it again and had another Fantastic 4th of July Party and Kayaking to the Fireworks. There were just too many people at the party and kayaking to ever get really organized. We only managed to get 60 some people in the group picture that we used. Many others were getting ready for the kayaking. I did count 40 Bladers/Bicyclers attending in the Party Collage. The food and drinks were outstanding with more than anyone could ever desire. Chuck cooked his little heart out over a hot grill in the hot sun. Debbie was everywhere and couldn’t be kept track of. There were at least 6 dogs enjoying everyone and stealing food whenever the opportunity arose. Oh yes a few did manage to go swimming and then give many a shower while shaking off. We still love you though doggies. Launching the kayaks was a bigger challenge than normal as Chuck and crew had to help unload and launch about 70 kayaks. Debbie and Nancy G led the group out to the sandbar by the Pier to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately it was high tide and the sandbar was covered with 3 feet of water. Oh well … we just floated around. About 9:10 PM the fireworks started and were breath taking as always. Fortunately the storm clouds stayed away and we didn’t have any lightning to compete with the fireworks. Kayaking back to the launching area in the dark was still changeling but seemed more fun than usual this year. However loading all those kayaks was another story. Thanks again Debbie and Chuck and helpers for another grand and social 4th of July. Thanks also to Diane L for some kayak pictures.

Thanks from Chuck: It was a fun day with only a few minor mishaps. I want to thank all who came. Thanks to every ones generosity we had plenty to eat and drink as usual. It is always a challenge unloading and loading so many boats in a timely manner but we always seem to get it done. Thanks to all the help we were able to get them all loaded, all the paddles and PFD’s rinsed and sorted by midnight so that was great. Thanks to all who helped.

A big thank you to everyone who donated: we were able to raise $1167.60 I also had several ask me about donating on line directly to the Guide Dog Foundation so I am sure our total is actually over $1200.00. Thank you all! Let’s do it again next year!


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